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Our Own Undies

We are so psyched that decided to feature Brooklyn Fox’s own designs on their flash sale site. They are cozy and fun- emphasis on fun. Sometimes you need to wag an embroidered fox tail under your jeans to remind yourself not to take those litte curve balls that life throws you too seriously. Yes we get a little zen up in this joint! <3BKFox

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Today’s Obsession

Lingerie, crystals, crimson red….these are a few of my favorite things. But combine the three- a crystal crimson bra? Not sounding like the recipe for the most tasteful of underpinnings…there’s a not such a fine line between ‘sexy’ and ‘Tijuana streetwalker.’ Ines de Castilho, French brand (of course French)  makes “Skin Jewelry” and not just skin jewelry but according to them “The Finest Skin Jewelry”, seems to have figured this riddle out because I think these flaming tits are sexy as hell – um… can someone call the fire department- my rack is on fire!  the only caveat? They are … read more

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I was shocked to hear my 76 year old dad listening to Mary J Blige’s album No More Drama, his explanation was ‘good is good’. Who could argue that? This week my new expression is a take on that- ‘hot is hot’. Brooklyn Fox Lingerie received some new pieces from one of our favorite brands, Maison Close last week. A brand that make intimates that are well constructed, high quality, fit well, and most of all, they are sexy as all get out. Between you and me, I was a little hesitant to order the metal fringe set- it’s not … read more

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