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Fox of the Week: Yoko Ono

Yoko Ono was born in Tokyo in 1933. The early parts of her childhood were split between  Tokyo and New York, experiencing a life of wealth before the war, and impovershment at the onslaught of bombing in 1945.  She pursued her higher education initially at the Gakushuin  University in Tokyo for philosophy before completing her education at New York’s Sarah Lawrence College. Yoko explored her artistry with fervor in the 60’s, opening the doors to her live/work space in Tribecca, which was to be an important site of performance art and avant garde music in New York City. Her entourage … read more

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Designer Spotlight: Fortnight

We’re loving the latest line we’ve picked up, Toronto based Fortnight. The Mira Longline looks fabulous on all body types simply for its modern, effortless design elements, but we are particularly in love with it because it is a non-underwire option for bigger cup sizes that actually feels supportive! 34C-32DD can confidently pull this one off without having to compromise all of the support of an underwire. <3BKFox

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Lessons in Lingerie: How to Wear a Bullet Bra

Silhouettes are synonymous with the era in which they were en vogue. While the bullet bra may have faded from the consciousness of the general public in the last 20 years, it’s never lost its place in the world of high fashion. There’s no reason why with a few simple styling tricks you can’t wear this power silhouette. 1. Make it Modern- The trick to the bullet bra looking fresh instead of vintage is to keep the rest of your look slick. This is not the place for busting out a cherry print dress and parasol. Keep it fashion in high waisted … read more

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Fox of the Week: Sharmila Tagore

Sharmila Tagore first came into my consciousness upon discovering the 1967 film An Evening in Paris.  I watched the Indian film (without subtitles) like a moving painting on Youtube, captivated by the kitteny yet elegant star. Upon investigating the actress, I came to find that she is as unconventional and womanly as her role in the film suggests. Sharmila was born in 1944 in Hyderbad State, India. She started acting as a teenager and landed her first major film role in 1964. In 1966, Sharmila posed for the cover of Filmfare in a polka dot bikini- a risqué cultural move at … read more

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Color Lust: Fleur of England’s Lemon Cello Collection

Every season, there is one color that just steals our foxy little heart. Last summer it was Cosabella’s Tomato orange. The year before it was a hot 90’s Deborah Marquit pink. This year? This year it is a super saturated sunny yellow! Fleur of England nailed it with their Lemon Cello collection. This isn’t a faint, soft and unassuming yellow, this is Dick Tracy, boss lady yellow. This is NYC Taxi cab yellow. This yellow is fantastic on every complexion and won’t look out of place under plaid and wool in the winter either. Come on by Brooklyn Fox today … read more

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What Kind of Roxy Music Girl are You?

It’s a fact that Roxy Music has the best album covers of all time. Getting some of the hottest girls of the 70’s and 80’s to pose for them didn’t hurt. The gig has drawn in the likes of playmate Marilyn Cole, Amanda Lear and Jerry Hall to name a few. Even Kate Moss rolled out for Bryan Ferry’s Olympia 3 years ago. Below you’ll find 3 of the classic Roxy Music archetypes in all their glory and a suggestion for what to wear under your party dress this summer should you see yourself in one of these faces. Enjoy! … read more

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Fox of the Week: Christina Hendricks

Christina Hendrix is one of our absolute favorite current foxes. From the  top of her head to the tip of her toes, she’s got that “je ne sais quoi” that keeps us coming back for more.      Christina was born in Tennessee, moving to Fairfax Virginia, Portland Oregon, and Twin Falls Idaho through high school. She performed as an actress in local theatre productions before making a living as a model. After many bit parts in television, Christina nailed her first lead role in  South of Pico in 2007, the same year she would play Joan in Mad Men for … read more

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Lessons in Lingerie: Bra Sizing

They say that 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size, and it could be true. One of the reasons that the right size remains so elusive to so many, is because there is a lack of understanding surrounding accuracy from the conventional measuring tape method. The measuring tape method is a good one, but it should be recognized for what it is: a jumping off point. The reason for this is there is no rule accounting for firmness or lack of in breast tissue or shape, and no two bodies are exactly alike. How to Measure Your Bra … read more

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