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Fox of the Week: Claire Boucher AKA Grimes

Claire Boucher, aka Grimes, is a March 17th born Pisces. True to her sign she has lucidly made her way into our consciousness with her etherial, “post internet” sound. She grew up in Vancouver, studying ballet in her youth, to end up at McGill University to study Russian literature and neuroscience in 2006. It was while attending university, and under the influence of the DIY industrial scene of Montreal that Claire first began to make music under the moniker of Grimes. “I had always wanted to make music, and one day I just decided that I was actually going to do it instead of not doing it, ” she told the Boston Phoenix.¬†Eventually, the scale of Claire’s attention dipped on the side of making music over pursuing her academics, resulting in her being expelled from McGill for non-attendance.

2010 would prove to be an important year for Claire, as she would release both her debut album Gedi Primes (on cassette!), and her second album, Halfaxa, on Arbitus Records. Claiming not to be a natural performer, but more of a producer, Claire certainly fooled audiences as she spent 2011 on the road opening for Lykke Li. She was met with critical acclaim, and signed to the legendary 4AD in 2012, releasing her 3rd album, Visions.

“The thing about music is it’s not an obscure pursuit, it’s a very natural thing for human beings to do. Once you put in the effort, the learning curve is very fast.”

“I don’t want to be infantilized because I refuse to be sexualized.”

Possessing a sensitivity to social and environmental issues, interviews with Claire are refreshing in their unrehearsed honesty, and have perhaps in spite of themselves, created one of the more nuanced and compelling images to date in music. She sites influences as varied as Mariah Carey, Nine Inch Nails, and How To Dress Well without batting an eye, staking her claim as the modern and incorporated artist for whom there are no contradictions and nothing is off limits. Hers is indeed a message of forward thinking inclusion, wrapped up in a whimsical bow.

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