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Lonely Hearts Sabel

Talk about color lust- this Lonely Hearts Sabel Full Cup Bra and panty set from the Chloe line is perfection. Never mind the flawless silhouette of the panty, the color takes the cake as one of our favorites of 2013. We’re used to finding clothing we love in rich greens, but underthings? They’re few and far between. It’s like emerald and forest got together and created an emerald forest…or something. Bear with me here, I’m searching for vocabulary beyond myself to describe this color. It’s really, really good. How’s that.

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Color Lust: Fleur of England’s Lemon Cello Collection

Every season, there is one color that just steals our foxy little heart. Last summer it was Cosabella’s Tomato orange. The year before it was a hot 90’s Deborah Marquit pink. This year? This year it is a super saturated sunny yellow! Fleur of England nailed it with their Lemon Cello collection. This isn’t a faint, soft and unassuming yellow, this is Dick Tracy, boss lady yellow. This is NYC Taxi cab yellow. This yellow is fantastic on every complexion and won’t look out of place under plaid and wool in the winter either. Come on by Brooklyn Fox today … read more

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