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We’ve curated some very foxy inspiration boards just for you on our Pinterest page. Come peruse the sights of Italy, Paris, and Japan, the best there is in fashion, and of course, a whole lot of lingerie.

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Lingerie Francaise Exhibition 2013 in NYC

Hey Foxes! Beginning tomorrow through August 6th, there is going to be an exhibition of French lingerie through the ages at the Chelsea Market! Showcasing archival pieces from some of the top lingerie houses the country has to offer, it’s sure to be as sexy as it is informative. See you there! <3 BK Fox

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Lessons in Lingerie: How to Wear a Bullet Bra

Silhouettes are synonymous with the era in which they were en vogue. While the bullet bra may have faded from the consciousness of the general public in the last 20 years, it’s never lost its place in the world of high fashion. There’s no reason why with a few simple styling tricks you can’t wear this power silhouette. 1. Make it Modern- The trick to the bullet bra looking fresh instead of vintage is to keep the rest of your look slick. This is not the place for busting out a cherry print dress and parasol. Keep it fashion in high waisted … read more

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Lessons in Lingerie: Bra Sizing

They say that 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size, and it could be true. One of the reasons that the right size remains so elusive to so many, is because there is a lack of understanding surrounding accuracy from the conventional measuring tape method. The measuring tape method is a good one, but it should be recognized for what it is: a jumping off point. The reason for this is there is no rule accounting for firmness or lack of in breast tissue or shape, and no two bodies are exactly alike. How to Measure Your Bra … read more

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Lessons in Lingerie: Do you know your Manhattan from your Havana?

Fully Fashioned:  Before the days of nylon, stockings had no stretch in them. First the stocking was knitted out flat, and then the two ends of the knit were joined together, resulting in the seam we have come to consider a design element alone in todays modern world. Fitted according to shoe size and height, the shape of a leg had to literally be tailored into the design in order to account for the lack of give. Nylon:  Along came nylon. Nylon was introduced to the world by the DuPont company at the World’s Fair in 1939, and was an … read more

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