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Today’s Obsession: Fleur of England FW13 Truffle

Fleur of England defines luxury with their sophisticated designs from their studio base in Bristol. All of their pieces are meticulously crafted in their native UK, or in Europe from the finest silks and laces that money can buy.

This week brought us our first style from their FW13 collections, in the form of the Truffle set. We are obsessed with this color! It’s a silvery grayish purple with the slightest hint of pink thrown in. The 3 part cup lace bra is equal parts sexy and supportive, and as if it wasn’t enough, the bikini is a tie off. Absolutely delicious.

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Lingerie Francaise Exhibition 2013 in NYC

Hey Foxes!

Beginning tomorrow through August 6th, there is going to be an exhibition of French lingerie through the ages at the Chelsea Market! Showcasing archival pieces from some of the top lingerie houses the country has to offer, it’s sure to be as sexy as it is informative. See you there!

<3 BK Fox

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Fox of the Week: Isabella Blow

Isabella Blow was born on November 19th, 1958 in London, England.  Her family came from an aristocratic background and she was one of 4 children in the household. Sadly, her younger brother drowned at the age of 2 in the family’s pool, and in her early teens, upon her parents divorce, her mother left the family. These two holes in her family quilt were tremendous sources of pain for the young Isabella, further aggreviated by the inheretance of a mere £5,000 from her father’s estate. The daughters were sent to boarding school until at 18, she found a home in a  London squat house and began working in various odd jobs, in a bakery, as a cleaner…

"She was born someone famous."- Julia Delves-Broughton (Issy's Sister)

…but destiny would have bigger plans for Isabella. After being accepted at Columbia University, Isabella moved from London to New York City in 1979 to study Ancient Chinese Art. She would only see one year of college, and after a brief stint working with Guy Laroche, the stars would align which would bring her into the acquaintance, and soon the assistance, of Vogue’s fashion director, Anna Wintour in 1981 (who called her Dizzy Issie quickly deposited her as the assistant to André Leon Talley.) She incited a kind of excitement at Vogue with her inspired costumes and antics, one of which was using Chanel perfume and Perrier to clean her desk. She also befriended the art stars of the New York scene, most notably Andy Warhol and Basquiat. The same year she would marry her first of two husbands in a union that would last 2 years.

“Isabella was this amazing bright light in a world of increasingly corporate culture.”

-Anna Wintour

“She was aristocratic, in the old bohemian sense of anything is possible, yet she could talk about fashion with complete rigor in terms of silhouette, shape and historical context. She was an academic with a punk rocker’s anarchic sense.”

-Geordie Grieg of Tatler Magazine

1986 would see Isabella return to London to pursue job offers as asistant to the fashion editor Michael Roberts at Tatler Magazine, and the Sunday Times Style Section. This would be the site of her working closely alongside top fashion photographers of the mid and late 80’s. In ’88, she married her second husband, an art dealer, Detmar Blow. She wore a certain milliner’s hat at her wedding, a little number made by a nameless Philip Treacy. “Discovering people is a big thing its like being a mother,” Issy told Fashion TV. True to her word, she had Philip move into her and Detmar’s house on Elizabeth street where she could foster his talent more closely.

 ‘”It was like magic everywhere- they were like muffins popping out of toasters. I said, ‘I really want to keep an eye on you this year, I really want to make sure that you’re well and you’re healthy.’ They were popping all over the place.”

-Isabella on Philip Treacy to The Observer

In 1992, Issy would provide the same housing and encouragement for a recent graduate at Central St. Martins: Alexander McQueen. She purchased his entire graduate collection for £5,000, moving him into her home on Elizabeth Street, and paying him in weekly installments of £100 each. The descriptions of their relationship are that of a mother and son in a sense, both full of worship and love, and also of expectation, frustration, and disappointment. McQueen’s star rose quickly, and while he designed for Givenchy and sold McQueen to Gucci in a deal brokered by Isabella, she expressed sadness over not being given a concrete position within the companies.

“Its just called passion, isn’t it.. It’s when you fall in love with somebody. You have to fall in love with it, and then you love it and you nurture it and you look after it…you’re a gardener. People garden, they cook, they do the same thing- my ingredients are clothes.”

– Isabella to Fashion TV

”It’s meant to be a sensual, erotic display. You’re there to get a new husband, a new boyfriend, a new girlfriend, whatever. And you can get it. The hat is a means to an end, a marriage contract. It’s everything. It’s a sensual thing – the idea of catching somebody like a spider in a web.”

-Isabella on hats to The Observer

Still, Isabella established herself irreplacebly as a stylist, editor, and spotter of unknown talent. She appeared dramatically at fashion week, notoriously late and changing 6 or more times in a day. Her candid and poetic dictions of style and genuine appreciation of craft left an enormous impact on those around her as well as the world of fashion itself, which experienced a dull and dismal wane into minimalism in the 90’s. While externally, Isabella experienced a world of lavish pleasure, internally she struggled with a severe depression. She also agonized over a fear of not having the financial security she deserved and that would support the lifestyle she felt comfortable in.

Isabella suffered from the pervasive depression which had followed her all her life. She and her husband tried to conceive a child, but it was to no avail. Affairs drove her and her husband apart for a time, though they did manage to come back together again. Unfortunately, Isabella found she had ovarian cancer not long thereafter. She was in and out of treatment for over a year trying to get her mental and physical health in shape. The Daily Mail stated in May of 2007 that “Those close to her said she was determined to go out in as extravagant a manner as she had lived.” After several attempted suicide attempts, Isabella did take her own life at the age of 48 by ingesting poison. Her legacy, however, lives on in those she left behind, those talents she fostered, and the thousands of unmistakable pieces of inspired art she left behind for the world to continue to adore. We can only imagine what her wings look like…

<3BK Fox


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Best of Bridal 2013

We’re in the thick of bridal season here at Brooklyn Fox Lingerie. From the end of May to the beginning of September, roughly half of our customers are shopping for brides to be, or are brides to be themselves! While no two brides are exactly the same, we’ve been around the block enough times now to have a pretty good sense of those special items you just can’t go wrong with. In the name of narrowing your search, we have compiled a list of 4 of our tried and true favorite sets in traditional white, and currently available at the boutique. Enjoy! <3BK Fox

1. Fleur of England’s Jasmine Demi Bra and Brief

The always elegant Fleur of England delights with this indulgent display of white silk satin and in house designed guipure lace. How perfect is the back of this panty?

2. Huit’s Arpége Soft Bra and High Waisted Brief

A sixties style lace decorates this longline soft bra and high waisted panty by Huit. Really effortlessly sexy and comfortable, the high waist compliments the figure with a retro nod to a classic silhouette.

3. Lascivious’ Kitty Cupless Bra and Ouvert Panty

We love this playful little set from Lascivious! A peekaboo underwire bra and peekaboo backed panty conceal all but a hint of your goodies with layers of ruffled soft tulle.

4. Salua’s My Vows Cami and Panty

Salua always gets simplicity just right. The My Vows Cami and Panty is the perfect pajama set for the big night, and any night thereafter. It is 70% cotton 30% silk, so nothing but the good stuff here. Both the cami and panty are adorned with exquisite, delicate lace.

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Fox of the Week: Ellen Von Unwerth

Hello Foxes,

I am writing you this week from one of the worlds greatest cities, Berlin. When in Germany, it only makes sense to celebrate some of its fine exports, among them beer, bohemianism, and Ellen Von Unwerth. That being said, Ellen is one elusive fox! Scavenge as I did, the public information on her is surprisingly limited, but allow me to string together those fine hidden pearls that I was able to come across in my search.

Ellen Von Unwerth was born in Frankfurt, Germany in 1954. Evidently, she spent some time living in Bavaria in her youth in foster care. After high school, Ellen moved to Munich where she worked as an assistant at the circus. While in Munich, Ellen enrolled in university, but as fate would have it, she was “discovered” on the street on her first day of classes, and began a lucrative modeling career at the age of 20.

Modeling brought Ellen out of Germany and into the world of Parisian fashion. She enjoyed a successful run of 10 years in front of the camera, but describes having felt uncomfortable with the rigidity of the poses requested of her and the immobile aesthetic that pervaded fashion photography at the time. Her then boyfriend gifted her a basic point and shoot camera, and from there the winds of change blew her into her next frontier, this time, behind the camera.

“When I was modeling I was often told off for moving, they wanted me to be more static, but I love spontaneity, you have to have fun and play around. It shows personality that I love to see.”

 (Ellen to

Ellen put the gift to good use, creating her first photo shoot while in Kenya with one of her model friends as her subject. After showing it to an editor at Jill Magazine, she published 6 pages of the shoot! Encouraged by the reception, Ellen continued to shoot, pulling her energy out of posing and into developing her photographic style, which is sexy, spontaneous, and electric. In 1989, Guess hired the budding photographer to shoot their now classic campaign with Claudia Schiffer. The shoot would highlight her talent as one of the most highly sought after fashion photographers in the world. The 90’s would cement this promising introduction as she would go on to work for top fashion houses, including Chanel, and would be claim the highest prize at the 1991 International Festival of Fashion Photography. Her personal life too would bloom as she wed and became a mother.

“Eroticism is something that is mysterious, that makes you dream. It’s a little bit forbidden, it’s exciting. Pornography is, what you see is what you get.”

(-Ellen to Out Of Order Magazine)

Ellen has shot for Vogue, Interview, The Face, Vanity Fair, Cosmopolitan, I-D, and Playboy (Drew Barrymore- flawless). American Photo has called her one of the Most Important People in Photography. She has released 8 books to date, and has shown her work in some of the most prestegious museums and galleries in the world, including MoMA, Stanley Wise, Kamel Mennour, and Fahey Klein. Her playful approach and freedom around sexual expression convey a refreshing and empowered approach to the often stagnant photographic world of fashion photography.

“I consider myself a feminist; I was always a strong woman, always standing up for womens’ rights. I like women who look like they have their life under control. But people do over do it and become so serious, it doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun.”

(-Ellen to

You don’t have to take my word for it- check out the post that precedes this for a photo gallery of her work and you’ll surely agree, Ellen Von Unwerth is one hell of a fox.

From Berlin with love!


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