October 28 2020

Breast shape and bra type: how to find your perfect fit

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Knowing what breast shape you have should always inform the style of bra you buy! Here’s our breakdown of the most common breast shapes and which bras work best for each type.


One breast is larger than the other. So many people have come into Brooklyn Fox with asymmetrical breasts, it’s incredibly common for there to be variation between breast size!

Bra Recommendations: Panache Plunge, Chantelle Parisian Plunge, Chantelle Plunge T-Shirt (Plunge or T-Shirt)

Panache Ana Plunge BraChantelle Parisian Allure Plunge T-Shirt Bra



Athletic breasts are wider-set and more muscular with less breast tissue.

Bra Recommendations: Simone Perele Eden Demi, Chantelle Aeria (T-Shirt)

Simone Perele Eden Demi Bra - PlungeChantelle Aeria Spacer Bra

Bell Shape

With a narrow top and rounder bottom, bell-shaped breasts literally resemble a bell.

Bra Recommendations: Chantelle AeriaPanache Quinn Balconette, Aubade Nudessence Half Cup (T-Shirt or Balconette)

Panache Quinn Balconette BraAubade Nudessence Half Cup Bra


East West

This shape describes breasts that point away from one another and the center of your body.

Bra Recommendations: Panache PlungeChantelle Parisian Plunge (Plunge)


Relaxed breasts have nipples that point downward and looser breast tissue.

Bra Recommendations: Chantelle AeriaPanache Quinn BalconetteAubade Nudessence Half Cup (T-Shirt or Balconette)


This shape is equally full at the top and the bottom of the breast.

Bra Recommendations: Panache Quinn BalconetteAubade Nudessence Half Cup (Balconette)


Slender breasts are long and narrow - the nipples point downwards.

Bra Recommendations: Chantelle Parisian PlungeChantelle Plunge T-ShirtChantelle Aeria (Plunge or T-Shirt)


These beats are round and the bottom is a bit fuller than the top.

Bra Recommendations: Chantelle AeriaPanache Quinn BalconetteAubade Nudessence Half Cup (T-Shirt or Balconette)

At Brooklyn Fox we're eager to help you find your perfect fit! 

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