October 23 2017

How to Measure Your Bra Size

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They say that 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size, and it could be true. One of the reasons that the right size remains so elusive to so many, is because there is a lack of understanding surrounding accuracy from the conventional measuring tape method. The measuring tape method is a good one, but it should be recognized for what it is: a jumping off point. The reason for this is there is no rule accounting for firmness or lack of in breast tissue or shape, and no two bodies are exactly alike.

1. Prepare- Put on a bra without padding. This will help to generalize shape ever so slightly as well as lifting the breast so as to access the ribcage better. 

2. Ribcage Measurement- Exhale, releasing the air from your lungs, and wrap the measuring tape snugly just below the breasts around the ribcage. Write down this number. 

3. Cup Measurement- Loosely wrap the measuring tape around the fullest part of your breast. Write this number down. 

4. Doing the Math– Subtract your ribcage measurement from your cup size measurement. If there is a 1″ difference, then you are measuring at an A cup. A 2″ difference denotes a B cup, and so on and so forth. Check below for ribcage conversions and more cup size conversions.

Ribcage Measurement-  24-26    27-29″    29-32″    33-34″   35-38″                  

Band Size Equivalent-       30          32            34              36           38            

Remember, the cup size measurement is not necessarily meant to be taken as written in stone. Breast tissue firmness and shape are wildcards which cannot be accounted for with this method. For this reason, we encourage you to try on several styles  to test the accuracy of your measurement. A common example of mis-measuring is that a shallow breasted woman might find herself measuring at a smaller cup size than is truly ideal for her body. The other thing which needs to be accounted for is that every brand produces their lines according to their own size specifications. While there is some universality between brands, it is very common to find yourself wearing different sizes as you change manufacturers as well as styles. Nonetheless, below is a size chart which will tell you what you are measuring at in cup size after subtracting your band from your cup measurement. The below chart is based upon US and French sizing.

Difference- .5″ or less    1″     2″     3″     4″      5″    6″   7″                    

Cup Size-           AA    A       B      C       D    DD/E    DDD/F   DDDD/G   

With a little trial and error, you can find your best fit and shape for your body. Not every shape works on every body type, so do not be discouraged if the first bra you select based on its appearance is not the best option for you. If you are shopping with us at Brooklyn Fox we can offer some guidance in this department and help you find your optimal style to suit your needs and aesthetic perspective. We are also happy to fit you both using the measuring tape method, and by guiding you toward a few tried and true to size favorites. 

Speak with one of our sizing experts or to schedule a personalized fitting call us at 718-599-1555

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