October 14 2020

Luxury Lingerie Leaders: Simone Perele, Chantelle, Aubade

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Lingerie is luxurious. It’s made to make us feel sexy and confident. Every woman should get to experience that special joy that comes from finding the pieces that simply make her feel beautiful. Three of our favorite luxury lingerie designers are Simone Perele, Chantelle, and Aubade. These brands each boast elegant designs, incredible fits, and a rich history of giving women what they want. Here’s the brand breakdown…

Simone Perele

Simone Perele has been crafting luxury lingerie for over 65 years. Madame Simone Perele, an expert corset maker, founded the lingerie house in 1948 in Paris. Breaking tradition and focusing on comfort, she set forth on her mission to liberate women and design lingerie to embrace a woman’s natural shape. Simone Perele is world renowned for their fine lingerie and superior quality of fabrics, craftsmanship, and care to support a woman’s body without sacrificing comfort. 

“A woman should not have to choose between being comfortable and feeling beautiful… She can have it all."
- Simone Perele
Simone Perele Simone Perele


An aubade is a morning love song - a song sung by a departing lover to a sleeping woman… 

Aubade Aubade

This lingerie house was created in 1875 by corset specialist, Doctor Bernard. In the late 1950s, unhindered by the need to provide traditional physical support, lingerie became a weapon of seduction. Aubade has changed with the times, constantly evolving to fit women's changing needs. Fast forward to the 2010s and Aubade is all about fashion. Aubade has been encouraging freedom of spirit for years, they continue with this same mission today - manufacturing sexy, mischievous, and elegant lingerie.

Aubade Aubade



The brand that  would become Chantelle was founded in 1876, when women’s figures were tightly corseted to enhance curves. In 1878 the company became the first house to create elasticized fabrics which stretched in two directions, opening new possibilities for corset makers. In 1949 the Chantelle brand was born and became famous in the 50s.

“Chantelle, the girdle that never rides up”


In 1960 Chantelle launched its first bras and started a new journey - in 1970 the launch of the “Fete” collection made of Calais lace, rapidly became a bestseller with over one million units in sales a year for many years to come. Soon thereafter Chantelle launched the “Defi” collection, featuring the first seamless bra with molded cups providing true support, luxurious feel and style. Chantelle continues to find success as a world leader in fine French lingerie by prioritizing innovation, elegance, and a woman’s well being.

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