October 28 2020

Breast shape and bra type: how to find your perfect fit

Knowing what breast shape you have should always inform the style of bra you buy! Here’s our breakdown of the most common breast shapes and which bras work best for each type. Asymmetrical One breast is larger than the other. So many people have come into Brooklyn Fox with asymmetrical breasts, it’s incredibly common for there to be variation between breast size! Bra Recomme...

September 14 2020

To Match or Not to Match? 5 Tips on how to mix and match your lingerie

5 tips on styling lingerie when a whole set isn't working for you. Maybe you only like the bra and are struggling with how to find panties to wear with it. Use this guide as your first step to mix matched perfection!

October 23 2017

How to Measure Your Bra Size

They say that 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size, and it could be true. One of the reasons that the right size remains so elusive to so many, is because there is a lack of understanding surrounding accuracy from the conventional measuring tape method. The measuring tape method is a good one, but it should be recognized for what it is: a jumping off point. The reason...

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