September 14 2020

To Match or Not to Match? 5 Tips on how to mix and match your lingerie

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Spice Things Up with a Little Mix 'n' Match

We’ve all had that moment when we absolutely love a gorgeous bra but the panties aren't for us. Maybe you can’t stand the design, the cut, or the price tag. There are plenty of times a matching set might not be in the cards. Does that mean you give up on the bra… or the panties? Of course not! Mixing and matching lingerie is sometimes necessary, but oftentimes fun! Even when you do love a whole set, you may just want to mix it up and use what you’ve got to create a brand new look. Here’s our guide on how to do it well.

1. Reach for a classic

A quick and easy fix when you aren’t quite sure how to style your lingerie, is to reach for a hanky panky or a cosabella! Their classic lace panties come in tons of amazing colors and shapes! They’re exceptionally comfortable and the simple lace design makes them delightfully easy to pair with. If you’re new to mixing and matching it may be intimidating, starting off by just finding the right color combo might be the first step you need to get more confident styling your lingerie!

Cosabella Never Say Never Thong Pink Cosabella Never Say Never Cutie Lace Thong Pack


2. Mesh & Lace

You might think you need to exclusively match pieces made of the same material. While that’s definitely an option, it is by no means the only one! Mesh and lace are a favorite of ours. For this pairing we suggest finding the closest color match you can, to make your look feel seamless. Put a gorgeous, intricate, lacey bra on display while a sexy pair of mesh panties perfectly hugs your curves! Even a simple black cotton bralette can be elevated by a hot pair of mesh panties!

Simone Perele Wish Demi Bra Blush Aubade Nudessence Mesh Panty

3. Mix patterns with solids

Maybe you just found a funky polka dot thong but you’re not digging the bra and you’re wondering, how in the world am I going to find something for this? A simple, flattering bra in the same colorway will do just fine… sometimes it can even be a more exciting pairing than the set! You can even pair gorgeous lace bralette with simple high waisted cotton panties made to flatter. Who said cotton can’t be sexy?

Only Hearts CouCou Lola Tank Bralette Skin Leg Extender High Waisted Brief

4. Don’t stress over a perfect color match

Many lingerie designs incorporate different colors. Don’t stress over finding the perfect match. You may be in love with a bra with mostly light pink lace with some white and purple details like the stunning Aubade bra below. You may think first to look for the perfect shade of pink, but why not focus on those little details? Find some panties that will make those colors pop. Play with complimentary shades and get creative!

Aubade Romance D’Ete Comfort Half Cup Bra Cosabella Never Say Never Cutie Lowrider Thong LavenderCosabella Never Say Never Cutie Lowrider Thong Deep Purple

5. Have fun!

Lingerie is, at its heart, about making you feel sexy and confident! Styling it should be a fun, personalized experience. Let your personality come through and don’t take it too seriously! Mix patterns, color-block, find the pieces that best highlight your shape, your tattoos, whatever makes you unique and makes you feel good should be on display; the possibilities are endless! Experiment and let go.

Don’t feel discouraged if you find your new favorite piece of lingerie but just know the set isn’t going to work! Play around, and have fun. Try things on, take your time, and don’t stress about it. Lingerie is first and foremost, for you. If you feel good, that will shine through. Finding the perfect fit is a huge part in feeling confident in your bra. If you’ve been struggling with fit, it may be time for a fitting. Email us at to book a free virtual fitting and fall in love with lingerie! We’ll also consult with you over the fit of pieces from your online order and help style your favorite new pieces!
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