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Bristol6 Nipple Covers

Bristol6 Nipple Covers

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Moulin Star
Moulin Heart
Something Blue
Studio Silver Cross


Ooo La La! You’ll fall head-over-heels for the sexy velvet in nippies® Moulin Stars and nippies® Moulin Hearts. More than a decade of research and design-tweaks have produced our stickiest shape – the nippies® five-point star. Soft to the touch for a sultry surprise, it's true we may not BE French, but we certainly know how to attract them ; )

LIGHTS. CAMERA. nippies®!! Hold everybody’s attention while our Studio Silver Crosses hold you. Whether it’s a long day on set or a late night in the desert, you’ll be flashing like Kodak until the sun comes up.

Bridesmaid dresses - backless, strapless or halter style; this is one occasion when a traditional bra just won’t cut it. Get strategic coverage with shimmering sequins and silky satin. Our Something Blue Hearts make perfect gifts, and while you might still have to deal with some wedding day catastrophes like a DJ gone AWOL or a smashed cake, at least your nippies® will have you covered in all the right places.

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