La Fille d'O Heroes Top

La Fille d'O Heroes Top

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not all HEROES wear capes, but this one does. it is the smallest of designs, giving you some wireless support. an opaque fabric that can be used for swimming, gently shielding you from unwanted looks, whilst keeping an elegant demeanor. can be worn back to front, when the occasion demands a more straightforward approach. the wide elastic band hugging your ribs, leaving your chest exposed in a modern way. can be worn as a base layer to your every outfit. can be worn as outerwear or swimwear. can be used as a layering piece to create a non sheer surface under our sheer bodysuits, allowing you to show or cover as you see fit.

  • Fabric: 58% Polyamide, 42% Elastane

Fit comments

  • Can be worn as swimwear
  • Reversible back to front
  • Non-transparent front panel
  • Flattening look

Care instructions

  • Hand wash only
  • Lay flat to dry
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